Wholesales LED Ties Sounding Controlling LED Glowing Ties LED Necktie

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Wholesales LED ties sounding controlling LED glowing ties LED necktie

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LED Ties

Place of origin

Fujian, China



Light color


EL weight


EL thickness


EL Size


EL power

EL actuator

Special Function

Adopt high quality EL cold light as the LED source. EL cold light possesses so much advantage:

  1. Flatly give out the light, there is no limitation of vision.

  2. Super thin and flat, the thickness can reach 0.1mm.

  3. Low consumption but long life, it can be used for more than 10000hours.

  4. The light is tender, smooth and even. It will no hurt your eyes even you stare at blankly forward the light.

  5. Water-proof and anti-vibrated.

  6. Will not burning hot.

  7. No harmful ray.

  8. Light weight.

  9. Rich light color and twinkle modes

  10. Can give out light curved, curved radius is 5mm.

  11. Environment friendly.

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1.Q:Do you use green ECO-friendly material?

  A.Yes, all of our products are made of green ECO-friendly material.

2.Q:Can I customize the color as mine?

  A.Yes, you can .

3.Q:Can I add my logo on this products?

  A. Yes, you can .

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