Concert Glow Bracelets Crime! Days After Taylor Accidentally Saved Fans Out Of Danger

According to Taiwan media reports, the Princess Taylor (Taylor Swift) the usual and fan interaction, not only hard on the network message, Po, privately has personally sent a gift to the House, was moved to tears by the other. While her fans on a recent car accident, on concert merchandise to save lives.

Elizabeth shabaidali Europe (Elizabeth Dazzio) recently in drive home of road, not carefully playing up sleepy, in through State inter Shi occurred accident, and sister with addition a name friends was pressure in pole Xia cannot move, because United States Highway Shang usually no Street, at is at 1 o'clock in the morning, rarely car after, she suddenly Brainwave, took up Taylor 1989 tour loop concert sent of hand ring, a touch zhihou immediately in dark in the launched light, last attract one ladies side parking playing 911 informed, 3 people rescued