History Of Light Up Shoes

History of Light Up shoes

If you were a child in the 1990s, you might have the memories of wearing LED light shoes—the led light up shoes which lit up every time you took a step. Every time once your heel hit on the ground an LED light in the heel would light up to announce to the world and make you run at the edge of the fashion curve

But how did common shoes evolve into glow up shoes? It is a long story!

The birth of light up LED shoes--the year of 1917

It was until the mid nineteenth century, most of the shoes still were keeping plain, uninteresting, and simply boring. They were made in such a uniform way that most people even have no idea of “left” or “right” shoe.

But in 1917, there came the shaking change. It was the type of rubber-soled shoes which people called “sneakers”. In consideration of how much quieter they were than traditional shoes, and were they enable the wearer to easily “sneak up” on someone? People started to think: Get it or not?

Although these high top shoes were designed for athletic activity at first, their flexible rubber soles made them so comfortable that they soon became popular for everyday wearing. 

At the beginning, the lite up shoes were considered to be high end, luxury items due to the working class having much less leisure time than now. But never mentioned the cost of rubber which was extremely expensive. Then conditions changed at the first half of the twentieth century, as the American working class became more prosperous, these special shoes quickly overtook traditional shoes in popularity—today, athletic shoe industry makes hundreds of millions of these shoes with lights every year. And the types of these light up shoes become rich and different. LED light up shoes are become more and more popular in today people’s daily life.