LED Light Will Put April Fools’ Day To The High Tide. And What’s Your Program On All Saints’ Day 2016?

LED light will put April Fools’ Day to the high tide. And What’s your program on All Saints’ Day 2016?

What’s your program on All Saints’ Day this year?

This amazing scene appeared on a lake in France. It is one of the LED light artistic works from Spain light design company called Luzinterruptus.

They are LED light up gloves which were designed for the local arts festival.

The designer said:” Even the water in the lake is cloudy, but our LED gloves are all 100% waterproof. Our duty is to make some screaming things push the party to the climax. “

These high tops light up gloves imitated “Lake mystery” and “the sad scene that the dead bodies floating on the lake”. And the couples of LED gloves really looked like corpse floating on the lake.