Sichuan University, Jin Jiang College Girls Homemade Fluorescent Performance Clothing Big Creative Shadow Dance

Many dance people are creative LED lighting have very strong interest in dance, but a product of fluorescent performance clothing over more than 2000 price is prohibitive to most people. For a creative dance contest dancing on campus, University School of civil engineering of the Jinjiang River College sophomore Liu Mengdian led friends to purchase LED light tubes, design your own, with low carbon and eco-friendly way to create "grass-roots" creative light dance show.

Liu Mengdian said they spend more than 1000 Yuan, buy LED light pipes on the Internet, control switches, and a needle. Then we will hands-on design styling: clothes with chalk outlines on modeling in general outline, lights along contour lines 1.1 points to sew, the last trial and error lights and shape fitness, "completed a set of fluorescent performance clothing designed, will take at least two days. ”