Why Choose Light Up Shoes?

Why choose light up shoes?

Light up shoes or LED shoes is the newest developing shoes style of the nineties. And it is now becoming more and more popular. It is not stylish but also very practical in all walking life. While you are walking in the dark, lighting and “being seen” will play a very signification impact on safety. US government’s BTS reports showed that “dark but lighted” conditions have up to a 50% reduction in accident occurrence over “dark” conditions.

So, why choose light up shoes? Let’s go into details:

1.Safe night running

Every one knows that running at night can be very dangerous. It is really difficult to see a runner if it is completely dark outside. And once he or she is visible in the headlight of a car, it is already to late. At this condition, once you have equipped both of your feet with the LED shoes. The super-bright LED light color will soon make you be the point in the dark and promise there will be every chance for driver to find you and keep distance with you.

2.Dog walking

50% of households in America have a dog. And if you also share your home with a pup. You will find that a good walk always gets your partner’s tail wagging. But the problem is that some drivers always find that it is very hard for them to see you and your furry friend crossing the road. So, at this time, you need a pair of LED shoes. The light up shoe is really good for illuminating you especially your lovely partner. It is really good at reducing dog walking accident.


Nine out of ten drivers find it is very difficult to see a cyclist once they down the road. The motorists also said that they are always so surprised when someone “appear” on a bike. Both show there is really risk to cyclists. Even you are enough sensible and so good at safely ridding. A pair of LED light up shoe not only mean that you can ride in style but also add the vision from drivers or motorists.